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Commercial Vehicles for JAMAICA

2011 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98583

Toyota Hiace
US$ 14,850

2006 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98496

Isuzu Elf
US$ 10,580

2013 Toyota / Voxy Stock No. 98495

Toyota Voxy
US$ 5,900

2015 Nissan / Caravan Stock No. 98472

Nissan Caravan
US$ 25,000

2013 Toyota / Voxy Stock No. 98454

Toyota Voxy
US$ 5,900

2012 Toyota / Voxy Stock No. 98375

Toyota Voxy
US$ 6,200

2012 Toyota / Voxy Stock No. 98365

Toyota Voxy
US$ 6,250

2006 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98315

Isuzu Elf

2005 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98314

Isuzu Elf
US$ 10,900 10,650

2012 Toyota / Voxy Stock No. 98308

Toyota Voxy
US$ 5,790

2003 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98283

Isuzu Elf
US$ 7,990

2006 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98281

Isuzu Elf
US$ 11,500 11,050

2012 Toyota / Voxy Stock No. 98098

Toyota Voxy
US$ 6,300

2006 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98054

Isuzu Elf
US$ 8,500

2007 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98025

Isuzu Elf
US$ 6,900

2007 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 98024

Isuzu Elf
US$ 7,100

2012 Honda / Step Wagon Stock No. 97981

Honda Step Wagon
US$ 5,200

2006 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 97217

Isuzu Elf
US$ 12,700 11,600

2006 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 96709

Isuzu Elf

2006 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 96469

Isuzu Elf

2007 Isuzu / Elf Stock No. 96388

Isuzu Elf

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New & Used Japanese Cars & Commercial Vehicles in Jamaica

Like many other countries, the Caribbean’s popular country Jamaica also has great favoritism for Japanese vehicles. Japanese brand new and used vehicles have been imported in Jamaica since decades and are preferred by people as these are reliable and economical. Individuals, as well as dealers, buy vehicles from Japanese automobile exporters with confidence.

Jamaica import vehicle from Japan and this practice is governed under “Trade board Limited”. This governing/regulatory body only allows registered and insured vehicles to enter Jamaica. Roadworthiness also matters so roadworthiness is also checked before allowing the vehicle on Jamaican road. Trade board limited also restricts importers to do proper documentation.

Popular Japanese cars for Jamaica are Toyota Corolla Axio, Probox, Vitz Yaris, Nissan AD Van, Nissan Note, Tiida Latio, Honda Fit/Jazz, etc.

Buy Japanese Used Cars for Jamaica

Used Cars Import Policy in Jamaica

The age limit for Jamaica is five years, Cars like sedans, SUVs, etc if, are more than five years old,so could not be imported to Jamaica.

Large vehicles like trucks, Lorries, etc i.e. small and heavy-duty commercial vehicles have variant age policies which vary from 6-12 years.

Modified or special purpose vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, or city cars also have a policy of 10 years.


1-It is highly necessary to acquire an import license from a relevant body.
2- Purchase certificate or certificate of entitlement is very important to bring the vehicle to Jamaica
3- Proofs of national identity.
4- Other essential documents include BOL, Invoice, Bill of Sight, NTN, etc.
5- Tax payer’s certificate.

Shipping Destination Port:

Kingston port is the recommended port for shipments of cars from Japan to Jamaica. Roll-on Roll-off is the most preferred method. But sometimes Containerized shipments are also sent.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Customers of Jamaica

Why should we buy from Car Junction?

Car Junction is one of the oldest used car providers. It is the most reliable used car retailer. There are hundreds of satisfied customers in Jamaica who have purchased from Car Junction.

Do you have specialized stock for Jamaica?

Yes, Car Junction have specialized stock for Jamaica. This is ready to export on an immediate basis.

Can we ask for any other vehicle than the specialized stock for Jamaica?

Yes, you can ask for any vehicle, brand new or used. Car junction will make it possible by all means to provide you with your favorite car.

How can we place an order?

You can place your order online and can seek help from our online customer service representatives.

How will I pay if buy from you?

You can pay by a simple method that is by Telegraphic Transfer and PayPal both are the most secure methods of payments.

What is the condition of used cars?

Our used cars are of the best quality, Car Junction never compromises on the quality of the vehicles.

Do you deliver vehicles on time?

Yes, we have very good work relation with logistic companies and we have a great history of delivering vehicles on time.


Testimonial from MR. JEROME

My Experience with Car Junction was excellent. Car Junction gave me excellent Quality Vehicle and fast service. ..

Customer from JAMAICA
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