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Lexus is the term defined as the super luxury and prestigious vehicle brand introduced by Japanese automobile giant Toyota. It was launched for the concept of creating a stunning and dynamic car by having an excellent combination of both the Japanese technology and American design.
The literal meaning of Lexus is “Luxury Export to United States” as it fulfills its purpose by all means of increasing global exports. It was founded by taking the inspiration of F1 racing sports cars in 1989.The first model was launched as Lexus LS which was a premium luxury sedan. It had a well refined and crafted exterior and extremely comfortable interior.
Lexus cars are absolutely elegant and define a touch of class and arrogance. They are one of the most selling brands in the world due to their high end executive reputation and sophistication.
It provides a wide and versatile range of product line for customers such as sedans, coupes, SUVS and hybrid sports cars.
On Completing its 25 years of fame and success, the company aims for bringing more innovations in its products to meet all the latest demands.
Car Junction offers Used Lexus for Sale at affordable prices. We have an extensive discounted stock of Lexus IS 200T, RX 400H, CT 200H, RX 300 and LX570 available in gasoline, hybrid as well as manual and automatic speed transmission. We deal in all kinds of Japanese vehicles with quality exports to West African, Asian, Pacific, Caribbean and European countries.