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Brand New Vehicles for GRENADA

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Used Vehicles for GRENADA

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Commercial Vehicles for GRENADA

2014 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 99523

Toyota Hiace
US$ 22,600

2015 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 99521

Toyota Hiace
US$ 22,500

2016 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 99519

Toyota Hiace
US$ 15,500

2016 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 99515

Toyota Hiace
US$ 14,300

2013 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 99470

Toyota Hiace
US$ 15,500

2021 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 99437

Toyota Hiace
US$ 32,000

2013 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 99100

Toyota Hiace
US$ 7,000

2018 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98947

Toyota Hiace
US$ 21,500

2014 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98945

Toyota Hiace
US$ 22,300

2021 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98832

Toyota Hiace
US$ 35,000

2021 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98831

Toyota Hiace
US$ 33,500

2019 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98746

Toyota Hiace
US$ 30,500

2019 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98664

Toyota Hiace
US$ 32,000

2015 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 98234

Toyota Hiace
US$ 12,950

2012 Isuzu / Forward Stock No. 98033

Isuzu Forward
US$ 62,000

2012 Isuzu / Forward Stock No. 97281

Isuzu Forward
US$ 28,500

2021 Mitsubishi / Fuso Stock No. 96131

Mitsubishi Fuso
US$ 74,800 73,000

2014 Isuzu / Forward Stock No. 95996

Isuzu Forward
US$ 35,000

2015 Toyota / Hiace Stock No. 91226

Toyota Hiace
US$ 13,400 12,800

2019 Isuzu / Forward Stock No. 84727

Isuzu Forward
US$ 89,000

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New & Used Japanese Cars & Commercial Vehicles for Grenada

Why Choose Car Junction as a Japanese brand new cars exporter in Grenada?

Car Junction is, and always has been, constantly growing. Over the years, it has expanded its range of products and services, as well as its marketing areas. Car Junction has supplied thousands of new cars and commercial vehicles to Grenada and other parts of the world. Trusting in Car Junction services means benefiting from an incomparable professional experience acquired over many years, and from the impartial advice of our qualified and multilingual staff. Car Junction has never been tied to any particular brand, which allows us to advise our clients independently and impartially.

Car Junction is a service dedicated exclusively to the client, completely and directly in the management and intermediation in the purchase of cars. We import cars directly from Japan. In such a way that any individual or company that wishes to import a car can, by itself, directly bring a car from Japan with total conviction and firmness in the negotiation, documentation, payment, and transport.  We take care of all the necessary procedures for transport and delivery in Grenada. For this, we have extensive support and a team of professionals, highly trained and qualified, with extensive experience in the car sector. We strive to offer the best service and to respond effectively and with the utmost dedication to the needs of our clients.

What are the most popular vehicle brands in Grenada?

The vehicles which are extremely popular in Grenada are:
1. Honda FIT
2. Toyota Rav 4
3. Toyota Noah
4. Suzuki Escudo
5. Toyota Ractis
6. Nissan March
7. Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter
8. Isuzu Forward

How Car Junction ensures Customer Satisfaction?

Our philosophy is based on seriousness and commitment, within a sector that motivates us to continue working every day to achieve a common goal, to make you enjoy the world of vehicles just as we do. Our goal is to provide you with the vehicle of your dreams. Car Junction performs all the process of buying for you in the most comfortable and simple way. The fundamental reason why our clients buy imported vehicles from us because we provide you with all the necessary information for each model.


Testimonial from BENEDICT

Thanks Car Junction for sending me such a wonderful Machinery, I am really happy. ..

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