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Used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter for sale

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Fuso Fighter is a kind of mid-sized truck extremely popular for carrying commercial and industrial cargo goods.
It was manufactured by the leading automobile brand Mitsubishi Corporation in February 1984.It was introduced to beat the existing competition of Nissan Diesel, Isuzu Forward, Condor, UD Trucks, and Hino Trucks.
The first generation had a successful span of eight years. It was an initial time period which proved the reputation of this excellent and reliable commercial vehicle with an enormous amount of export sales all around the world. It was also available in other varieties of large-sized trucks for heavy stuff loading.
This robust and stylish Japanese truck had a firm solid and strongly built exterior design equipped with 4-lamp round headlights, fog lights, a radiator grille, and huge side mirrors. It provides a comfortable interior cabin of three passengers seating space with safety airbags, audio player, power steering, air-condition, and power windows.
The 2nd Generation was unveiled in July 1992.It is currently in operation till today with some modifications in cabin design and exterior appearance. The modern Fuso Fighter medium-duty category trucks are coming up with FK, FM, and FN Versions. These all latest models are designed with customized wing body truck structure.
It offers 6 cylinders 280 horsepower with 8.2 liters engine fuel capacity. It has a six-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmission. It can carry maximum cargo weight of 8 tons.
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