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Brand New Vehicles for INDONESIA

2024 Ford / Ranger / Raptor Stock No. 119741

Ford Ranger Raptor
US$ 52,800

2024 Lexus / LBX Stock No. 119415

Lexus LBX

2024 Lexus / LBX Stock No. 119414

Lexus LBX

2024 Ford / Ranger Stock No. 119198

Ford Ranger
US$ 30,500

2024 Ford / Ranger Stock No. 118912

Ford Ranger
US$ 25,600

2024 Ford / Ranger Stock No. 118876

Ford Ranger
US$ 22,200

2024 Ford / Ranger Stock No. 118875

Ford Ranger
US$ 17,800

2024 Nissan / NV200 Stock No. 118847

Nissan NV200
US$ 16,000

2024 Lexus / LBX Stock No. 118836

Lexus LBX

2024 Lexus / LBX Stock No. 118834

Lexus LBX

2024 Lexus / LBX Stock No. 118833

Lexus LBX

2024 Lexus / LBX Stock No. 118832

Lexus LBX

2024 Isuzu / Mu-x Stock No. 118420

Isuzu Mu-x
US$ 38,200

2024 Nissan /  Stock No. 117211


2024 MG / MG4  Stock No. 107083


2024 MG / ZS EV Stock No. 101672


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Top Selling Cars in INDONESIA

Japanese New Cars for Indonesia

Car Junction Japan is named among the very few car exporters from Japan who have a phenomenal history in terms of car exporting and supplying, which is why exclusively for our Indonesian and Southern Asian consumers, we’ve introduced Car Junction Indonesia. We own a huge network of Japan-made brand-new cars that could be variedly used commercially. Besides, commercial vehicles, we’ve been dealing in multiple new cars of everyday use, such as sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, duty-free cars, minivans, and whatnot. Our secondary offices can be found in multiple Asian and African countries.

JIEPA Certification

We provide JIEPA certification for all the new cars purchase by Indonesian clients, which helps them in reducing duties and clearing the vehicles easily from the port.

Several branded vehicles under one roof

Since Car Junction Japan beholds the membership of automobile auctions in Japan, henceforth, Car Junction Japan enjoys the privilege of importing and exporting result-driven vehicles directly from Japan. Under desirable budgets, we offer several vehicles, of recognized car brands, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Hino, Mazda, Isuzu, etc. to name a few. We are a pro at delivering timed car deliveries to multiple global destinations. Location is not a barrier for you to get your hands on our quality-centric vehicles. Our emblem revolves around customer satisfaction, commitment, and value for money, which is why our vehicle services are highly appreciated.

Vehicle queries are sorted

No matter whether your vehicle query is about a commercially used vehicle or a brand-new one, our inventory exhibits multiple categories under one roof. From automatic to manual, differential commercial vehicles can be easily exported to your destination. Trippers, trucks, pickups, or anything ranging from 660cc to 150 tonnes trucks, our diverse line of exported new vehicles can easily solve your business hassles.

Uncompromised quality

The exported new vehicles for sale are greatly hyped about, owing to their uncompromised quality, spectacular performance, and budget-friendly fares. Our traded  vehicles strictly abide by the regulations authorized by international vehicle legislation. We’ve always been concerned about consumer feedback, which is why our team has been diligently serving vehicle services promptly.

Commitment and promise of utter satisfaction

The team behind Car Junction Japan has been faithfully working tirelessly to provide you with a smooth ordering procedure until you’ve reached your desired vehicle. Our ordering steps are easier and we’ve strictly taken measures to reduce the difficulties faced by consumers. We have prioritized our services only to provide our consumers with an effortless and user-friendly experience.

Appreciated testimonials

Over the course of our vehicle services, we have empowered multiple Indonesian businesses, by providing them with cost-efficient and reliable commercial vehicles. For individuals too, we have never failed to maintain our standards of reliability and quality, by accessing them with world-class and top-of-the-line sedans or SUVs.

If you’re in need of a new vehicles for Indonesia and are much gratified by our services, then don’t forget to hit us back!


Testimonial from AMERICAN EMBASSY

This is to confirm that i have received vehicle. It is in very good condition and as expected. I will surely contact you for later purchases. Thank you for your assistance ..

Customer from INDONESIA
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