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Car Junction
    Exporter of New and Used Japanese Vehicles
We are processing all orders and shipping vehicles regularly from Japan.
We would like to assure all our customers that we are here for you and you can contact our sales representatives for any query. If you would like to know more please click here.
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Q-1: What is the procedure of buying used vehicles from Car Junction? show
Q#2: How does Car Junction provide vehicles at cheaper prices as compared to other companies in the market? show
Q#3: What is the condition of the vehicles at Car Junction? show
Q#5: How can I get Pro forma invoice? show
Q#6: Who is supposed to answer my queries? show
Q#7: How come a 5 years or older model vehicle carry a low mileage? show
Q#8: In which countries do you export your vehicles? show
Q#9: Do you have any system to check up the car? show


Q#10: How can I place my order? show
Q#11: How can i print / get pro forma invoice? show
Q#12: What happens if the vehicle I selected appeared to be “Sold” to another customer? show


Q#13: How to purchase a Japanese vehicle which is not listed in Stock? show


Q#14: What kind of maintenance service do you provide on Japanese vehicles? show
Q#15: What kind of maintenance works do I have to do after the vehicles is delivered? show
Q#16: Is there any damage or problem in your Japanese car? show


Q#17: How is shipment arranged? show
Q#18: How do I find my port of discharge? show
Q#19: How do I clear my Japanese vehicle from the Port? show
Q#20: What Documentation/ Information do you require from me after i have transferred the amount into your bank account? show
Q#21: What shipping documents will I receive? show
Q#22: Can I insure my shipment? show
Q#23: How fast can you ship my Japanese car? show
Q#24: When will I receive my shipping documents? show
Q#25: How will I come to know the shipment date of my vehicle? show


Q#26: What is the payment method? show
Q#27: What are FOB & CIF prices? show
Q#28: Why are there Inspection charges? show
Q#29: What type of insurance do you provide? show
Q#30: Does the price of the Japanese vehicle include Freight charges? show
Q#31: Do you accept payment through Credit Card or Letter of Credit? show
Q#32: What are the terms of payment? show
Q#33: How can I trust you and pay you 100% in advance? show
Q#34: What is your bank account information? show
Q#35: What currencies do you accept for payment? show


Q#36: Can I get the Invitation Letter for visa purposes? show
Q#37: How many days will it take to deliver my vehicle (Port to Port)? show
Q#38: When and what documents will I receive? show
Q#39: What are ETA and ETD? show
Q#40: Is it possible to import a used car from Japan into my country? show


Q#41: Can you find a specific Japanese car for me? show
Q#42: Can you find a left hand drive for me? show


Q#43: Do you provide any warranty for the Japanese used vehicles? show


Q#44: How do I receive a vehicle at the port? show

If these FAQs don`t answer your question please email us to get a quick answer.