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Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


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I have received my Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado last week and I am very much satisfied with the Services of Car Junction Co. Keep it up guys! ..MOHD FADLY

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Vehicle Specifications

Make / Model Toyota / Land Cruiser Prado Type Available in Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Year 2020 Steering Type Right Hand Drive (on the right side of car)
Transmission Available in Automatic gear Fuel Type Available in Gasoline (Petrol) engine and Diesel engine
Engine Capacity Available in Gasoline (Petrol) Model: 2700cc (official 2693cc) Diesel Engine Model: 2800cc (official 2755cc) Engine Type Gasoline (Petrol) Model: 2TR-FE . DOHC 4 Cylinders Diesel Engine Model: 1GD-FTV DOHC Intercooler Turbo
Passenger Capacity Available in Available in 5 seats and 7 seats capacity (According to Japanese law) seats Doors 5


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado holds a solid reputation among all ages of customers as an actionable and swift dynamic sports utility vehicle. It has been proving its true excellence as an all-family luxurious SUV since decades and it will sustain this prestige and honor for the many years to come.

The Newest Versions of Land Cruiser 2016-2017 have been recently introduced in the market containing complete packages of spectacular appearance, outstanding features, safety, and extreme performance.

It offers a multi-terrain rugged SUV with a 4WD specification ideal for a daring and challenging off-road driving journey experience.

The current Japanese brand Land Cruiser Prado is available in three fabulous versions including TX, TX- L and the TX-G Frontier special package.

These all three categories offer tremendous gasoline packages for customers with all new features and attractive colorful designs.

The TX G Frontier Special Model comes with all six attractive color shades for customers such as black, bronze metallic, metallic red, pearl white crystal shine, attitude black, and vintage brown.

It offers a robust and vibrant sleek design exterior combining with crystal halogen LED front headlights, front shining metallic bar radiator grille, sharp beam fog lights, power side mirrors, Daytime DRL Light, front bumper and 18-inches chrome plated aluminum wheels. The rear side also provides an eye-catching display consisting of colorfully illuminated taillights, reflector lights, and a rear bumper.

The inside cabin provides a well-decorated and extremely spacious three-row seven seating capacity for passengers. The internal seats are also furnished with a crystal pearl shine vintage brown leather seat covers. All the front, middle, and rear seating is pretty adjustable and folding down to create extra legroom space for passengers. The backside trunk offers an enormous luggage storing capacity.

It is an energetic 4x4 four doors right-hand SUV offering 2.7 liters of a gasoline engine with 6-speed ECT automatic transmission for a smooth fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness.

It provides some of the essential safety features including radar cruise control, multi-terrain anti-lock braking system, electronic brake distribution, vehicle stability control, and the pre- crash safety system. It also provides multiple safety airbags for instant jerk collision prevention.

Car Junction offers Brand New Land Cruiser Prado for Sale at attractive prices. We also deal in used land cruiser Prado in Africa, Asia, Pacific, and the Caribbean.