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Used Mazda Demio for sale

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Mazda Demio is an incredible supermini hatchback car designed to experience an enthusiastic and flashy drive. This futuristic design trendy hatchback has been introduced in 1996 by the name of Mazda 2.It has twicely been awarded the titles of Japanese car of the year and world car of the year.
The first generation was introduced in the market in July 1996. It was offered as a five-door hatchback based on a front engine and front-wheel drive layout structure. It had power train engine choices of 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters gasoline.
The term Demio stands for Showing Possession. By this definition, it is obviously a car specifically designed to have a prized possession for everyone. It truly provides a sense of belonging and attachment for customers.
The newest model of Mazda Demio 2016-17 has recently come out as a super sensational mini hatchback car with a smart-looking and impressive appearance.
It offers an innovative and youthful urban hatchback car consisting of glossy and sleek exterior design. It consists of stylish crystal LED Front headlights, front black grille, foglights, alloy wheels, power mirrors, and a front bumper. The posterior side also displays a fabulous classy look.
This ultra-modern and elegant right-hand car provides an extremely decorated and chic interior design containing of a comfort of luxury cushioned five seating spacious accommodation. The aesthetically designed unique dashboard panel is highly equipped with multiple features like Mazda connect internet radio, voice recognition, and navigation. The rear trunk provides a good amount of cargo storage capacity.
It is available in the variety of color choices such as premium metallic red, gray metallic, deep crystal blue mica, pearl white, titanium, and jet shining black.
It offers the most advanced safety features for a highly secured and protective driving experience. It provides a basic safety measure of a collision proof sky-activ rigid body. I-active Sense is an automatic system which provides driver’s assistance with its danger recognition and collision avoidance support. Moreover, the Mazda proactive safety provides an extreme level of accident prevention with its safety and security sensing system.
It provides fuel efficiency with 1.3 liters of gasoline and 1.5 liters of clean diesel technology combining with an automatic speed transmission.
Car Junction offers Used Mazda Demio for Sale at cost effective discount prices. We are also the dealers of brand new Japanese cars in Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, and Asia.