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Volvo is one of the leading Swedish automaker which is best known for its touch of premium class and safety. It produces a wide variety of vehicles including heavy commercial trucks, buses, cars, construction equipment as well as industrial and marine equipments.
The company was founded by two key founders named as Gustad Larson and Assar Gabrielsson on 14th April 1927. They both had a long term of joint partnership in flourishing the organization with record production of 50,000 cars in thirty years.
It is now properly owned by ZGH Holding China and produces luxury cars including sports utility vehicles, sedans, compact cars, coupes and station wagons.
Volvo cars have a valuable standing for producing quality vehicle designs by utilizing state of the art technology with innovation.
The luxury S60 Sedan and XC60 crossover are the two iconic brands ever produced in the automotive history. The V60 wagon and the XC70 are truly unique cars introduced in the automobile marketplace.
This terrific brand has proved its reputation by crafting world class vehicles that offer an excellent and well matched combination of style, luxury and performance.
It provides exceptional safety features like childproof locks, collapsible steering columns and rear-facing child seats which are surely not available in any other vehicle brand. Volvo will be the first company to launch its self driving autonomous cars named as concept 26 on roads by next year.
Car Junction offers Used Volvo Cars for Sale at affordable prices. We have an extensive discounted stock for Volvo L120 C, L 120 G, L120 F, L120 E and L150 E. We deal in all kinds of brand new and used Japanese vehicles exporting to Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Botswana and Mozambique. We also have exports in Caribbean, Pacific and Asian Regions.