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Used Toyota Sprinter for sale

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Toyota Sprinter is a stylish and luxury sedan car produced by leading Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. It was initially manufactured in March 1968 as a fastback body style which gained immense popularity in the late sixties era. It was inspired by the first generation of Corolla E-10 Series named as Toyota Corolla Sprinter.
The term Sprinter defines its core characteristics as a fast paced sedan vehicle provides an enjoyable and exhilarating driving experience for customers.
It has a span of eight consecutive generations which provide constant evolvement and innovative development of sprinter car. It offers a sheer versatility in its fabulous exterior designs with a touch of robustness and a good amount of interior capacity for passengers. It offers two unique sub-compact and compact versions for customers in both front and rear wheel drive. The most prominent models are the Tureno, Marino, Carib, and a Sprinter Cielo.
This right-hand drive vehicle is equipped with a 1.5 liters gasoline and an automatic speed gear transmission.
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