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Used Toyota Granvia for sale

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Toyota Granvia is a luxurious futuristic designed minivan introduced in the market in 1995. This robust shaped mini-van is a redesigned version of Toyota Hiace with a good amount of capacity for passengers.
It offers a 5-doors modern and stylish van having 2 sliding swing open doors for spacious accommodation for eight seating passengers. It provides wonderful choices for two or four wheel drive. This Right-hand drive vehicle has a rear back compartment for an extensive amount of cargo delivery.
This interested term Granvia has been taken from the Italian which has a meaning of great roads. It indicates that this is a fabulous multi-purpose vehicle to drive on the road with sheer fun, pleasure, comfort, and excitement for customers.
It has a firm exterior design with sharp illuminating headlights, tail lights, and front grille. It offers a high-roof with transparent glass window for a new unique appearance. The interior provides relaxing front adjustable seating and rear lay back seating for passengers. It provides a dynamic fuel engine capacity of four cylinders inline 3.4 liters v6 petrol and a 3.0 liters turbocharged intercooler diesel with a manual and an automatic speed transmission.
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