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Used Toyota Crown for sale

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Toyota Crown was a charming and appealing mid-sized sedan car designed for an executive class luxurious drive. It provided a lavishing and comforting family-friendly as well as customer-friendly journey experience. It had specifically been designed to compete with its close industry rivals Honda Legend, Mazda Luce, Nissan Fuga, Mitsubishi Debonair, and Isuzu Bellel. This attractive sedan car had been the longest running vehicle consisted of fourteen consecutive generations.
The 1st generation was introduced in January 1955 with a variety of body styles such as 4-door sedan, station wagon, hardtop, and a two door coupe. It had a power train engine of 1.5 liters gasoline fuel. It was designed for both commercial taxi services as well as for private passenger car. It offered both categories of standard and deluxe sedan car.
The 2nd generation was launched in October 1962. It was a completely redesigned and restyled version of MS40 Sedan. It was offered with the 2-speed automatic transmission for a smoother drive.
The 3rd generation was released in September 1967. It offered an impressive super deluxe appearance for customers. It consisted of a sleek and shining exterior structure with a longer front bonnet with an enlarged rear trunk.
The latest generation was presented in December 2012.It had a modern youthful styling with a noticeable appearance for customers. It was available in two popular categories crown royal sedan and crown athlete. It was designed with a broad mid-sized sedan look. It comprised of a wide front bonnet, front LED headlights, front metallic grille, fog lights, front bumper, power mirrors, and alloy wheel rims. The backside offered a sporty touch with big colorful taillights, rear fenders, and a rear bumper. The inside design offered a spacious and comfortable five people seating for passengers. It provided a well carpeted and finely decorated interior with a fancy front dashboard. It was also equipped with Toyota multi-operation touch panel. Some other features are power steering, air-conditioner, central locking, power windows, airbags, and an anti-locking braking system.
This right-hand smart drive premium sedan car had an engine fuel capacity of 2.5 liters gasoline with an option of 6-speed and 8-speed automatic speed transmission.
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