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Used Toyota Corolla Runx for sale

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Toyota Corolla Runx is an easy to drive luxurious small family hatchback car provides a fun-loving and pleasurable journey experience. This short-sized compact unique design vehicle was initially released on 24th January 2001.
This new millennium sporty car version offered a complete level of entertainment and comfort for passengers. It had a similar resemblance with the Allex which was also introduced in the same year. The first model had a two-box hatchback design which held a huge demand for the European region. Later on, the three-door hatchback design was presented for other foreign markets.
It offers the superior design exterior consisting of curvy design sharp LED Headlights, cut style bonnet, upper front grille, front bonnet, 17-inch alloy wheel rims, lower front bar grille, and side window mirrors. The rear side provides an eye-catching glance with stylish colored taillights, tinted rear windscreen, and rear bumper.
The interior design offers a spacious five people seating capacity by having soft comfortable cushioned front and rear seats. The modern stylish dashboard provides multiple safety and entertaining features like MP3 Audio, power steering, air-conditioning, FM Radio, power windows. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) and dual airbags are sensible driving safety measures for jerk and collision protection.
As for the fuel performance, this right-hand drive five-door hatchback provides 1.5 liters of gasoline with an automated speed transmission.
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