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Used Toyota Cami for sale

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Toyota Cami is a compact urban mini sports utility vehicle introduced in 1997.It is a popular Japanese SUV brand also known as Daihatsu Terios Kid.
The Toyota Cami has a huge demand in numerous regions of the world especially in Asia, Europe, and America. The total span is divided into two generations. The first generation was lasted for eight years and discontinued in 2005. The second generation is the present version which is currently available in the market with many attractive modified and redesigned SUV models being introduced year after year.
The latest Cami Version possesses a highly appealing exterior design combining with LED Headlights, upper front grille, fog lights, alloy wheels, front bumper, and power side window mirrors. The rear side shows a wonderful look with beautiful taillights, rear bumper, and reflector lights. This fabulous right-hand drive 4X4 mini SUV is available in various impressive color shades such as red, white, blue, green, black, beige, and silver. All these colors put a profound visual appeal for customers.
This 4WD SUV has incredible driving capability on both on-road and off-road path. It provides exciting all-terrain adventures for the entire family.
The interior cabin is really spacious and comfortable provides extensive seating capacity for passengers. It provides generous rear trunk space for cargo stuff accommodation.
This is a five-door SUV provides 1.3 liters petrol with an automatic gearing control.
Car Junction offers Used Toyota Cami for Sale at good reasonable prices. We deal in branded Japanese vehicles exports in Africa, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.