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Nissan Teana is said to be the most charismatic sedan car produced by Nissan in 2003. It holds a key magnetic power to easily grab customer attention. This innovative luxury sedan car has been first introduced in February 2003.The first generation shared its production platform from Nissan Maxima. It has had a huge market demand in various countries like Australia, Russia, Latin America, Ukraine, New Zealand, and the Caribbean.
It offered a versatile option of fuel engine capacity of 2.0 liters and 3.5 liters gasoline with an automatic gear transmission speed. It was a front-wheel drive sedan equipped with some additional features such as GPS navigation system and telematics.
The latest Nissan Teana 2016 exhibits a touch of class and distinctive elegance. It truly gives a sound impression of a modern and sophisticated sedan car with a prestigious appearance. The exterior has a sleek and refined look with crystal shine luminous front headlights, sparkling metallic front grille, sharp beam fog lights, power mirrors, alloy wheels, and front bumper. The rear backside also shows an eye catching view with bigger colorful taillights and rear bumper. It provides a tough competition with Audi4, BMW 3, and Toyota Camry.
This youthful and trendy right-hand sedan provides a well-furnished and artistic design wide spaced interior seating accommodation. It provides five people comfortable seating capacity with rear trunk space for cargo storage. The wide and fancy dashboard console offers multiple entertaining and safety features for customers.
It is a 4-door fuel efficient car provides 2.5 liters of gasoline with automatic speed gear transmission.
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