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Nissan Skyline is a premium class line of luxury cars brand which produces versatile and innovative varieties of car designs such as compact, sports compact, mid-size, compact executive, hybrid electric vehicle, and sports coupe cars for customers. It is available in different body style variations such as 4-door sedan, coupe, station wagon, crossover sports utility vehicle, convertible, hatchback, and pickup delivery van. This modern and urban sporty car brand consists of 12 consecutive generation models with a successful span of 5 decades having consistently increasing demand and value among customers from all over the world.
The first generation Nissan Skyline model was introduced in April 1957 by the Prince Motor Company. It had built with a front engine, rear-wheel drive layout design structure with two trim grade levels of standard and deluxe. The ALSIS-1 Standard featured with 2-tone paint, chrome molding, and a large centre bar grille with six vertical slats. The V-Shaped front and rear side strips added a uniquely noticeable attraction for customers. The ALSID-1 Deluxe model was offered with a different grille feature consisted of mounted fog lights with a painted side strip surrounded by a horizontal chrome strip.
The super fast speedy racing sports car GTR was unveiled for the very first time in February 1969 presented in 4-door and 2-door coupe versions. The both versions provided tremendous racing victories with its stunning design and fast track powerful engine performance. It was built with various choices of 1.5 L, 1.8L, and a 2.0 L fuel engine with a manual and an automatic speed transmission.
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