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Used Nissan Fuga for sale

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Nissan Fuga is a premium luxury full-size 4-door sedan car built with an outclass precision and sophistication for customers. It has been built in October 2004 with a super refined and sleek stylish exterior design. The trendy and sporty exterior consists of weird style bigger front crystal LED headlights, large front bonnet, front metallic grille, and fog lights. The front bumper, power side view mirror, and alloy wheel rims add a magnificent and tremendous value. The posterior side also provides a nice and attractive backside view for customers. It combines with colorful taillights, rear bumper, rear spoiler brake light, and rear fog lights.
The interior design comprises of five seating comfortable accommodation with nicely stitched hardcore leather seat covers in different color shades. The front seats are highly adjustable with easy legroom space for passengers. The rear side trunk is an ideal for the wide and extensive luggage storage capacity.
The front stylish dashboard is well equipped with multiple features like dual airbags, central locking, power steering, air-conditioner, power windows, and the anti-lock braking system.
This youthful and remarkable urban right-hand sedan car offers 2.5 liters of petrol with an automatic speed gear CVT Transmission.
Car Junction offers Used Nissan Fuga for Sale at good value discount prices for customers. We also deal with brand new Japanese cars stock for exports in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean Countries.