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Used Nissan Dayz for sale

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Nissan Dayz is a terrific designed small mini Kei Japanese hatchback car produced and introduced on the 6th June 2013. It truly defines the meaning of thorough fun and excitement for the little family. This captivating and appealing mini Kei wagon is built with a solid metallic sleek shine exterior comprising of larger front LED Headlights, front black grille, lower grille, small front bonnet, and indicator lights. The front bumper, alloy wheels, and the power mirrors add a significant appeal for customers. The rear backside also provides a nice view with rear radio antenna, rear brake light, vertically fitted colorful taillights, rear fog lights, and a rear bumper.
The interior design offers a nicely decorated contemporary modern 5 passenger seating accommodation. The 2-rows front and rear seats are easily adjustable with reclining down features for an open legroom space to have a relaxing and entertaining driving journey experience. The rear side trunk also provides a widely spacious storage capacity for easily keeping and carrying all kinds of cargo stuff. The front stylish chic dashboard panel has been artistically designed and equipped with all different kinds of features like power steering, air-conditioning, power windows, central locking, floor carpet, anti-lock braking system, and the dual safety airbags.
It is an urban class trendy small right-hand 5-door Kei hatchback car fitted with 0.66 liters of gasoline fuel engine with an automatic gear speed transmission.
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