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Used Mitsubishi Super Great for sale

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2006 Mitsubishi / Super Great FU50JZ
Year: 2006
Engine: 12.9 Diesel
Mileage: 223750
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Flatbed Trucks
Capacity: 12.4 Ton

Stock No. 84717
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  Anti-lock Braking System  Dual AirBags  
2009 Mitsubishi / Super Great FV50JY
Year: 2009
Engine: 12.9 Diesel
Mileage: 0
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Dump Trucks

US$ 56,100 49,000
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Stock No. 74998
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  Stereo  AirBag  
1998 Mitsubishi / Super Great FV519JXD
Year: 1998
Engine: 17.7 Diesel
Mileage: 0
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Dump Trucks
Capacity: 9.8 Ton

US$ 21,500
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Stock No. 85027
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  


Mitsubishi Super Great is a kind of a muscular and robust built heavy-duty truck category specifically been designed for long hauling cargo delivery. It is a commercial purpose truck introduced in the year 1996 with the standard Cabin body style. It has a core industry competition with Nissan Diesel, Quon UD Trucks, Nissan Big Thumb, Hino Profia, and Isuzu Giga. It offers 4x2 and 4x4 large-sized vehicle containing different variations like Cargo, Dump Truck, tractor, and Wing body.
The cargo open bed long trailer provides multiple choices of FU, FS, FV, and FY Variations. It offers different length sizes of 7200 mm to 10,030 millimeters. The Super Great Dump Truck offers about 20 tons to 22 tons of garbage loading capacity.
The Super Great tractor offers a good variety of capacity of 16 tons, 18 tons, and 20 tons loading. It consists of high-powered 6R10 T2 to T6 engine variations. The wing body truck provides D-Wing cab-over vehicle for commercial activities.
The exterior body exhibits a strongly built and sturdy design structure consisting of crystal LED front headlights, front bumper design, fog lights, and front grille.
The interior cabin offers a super cabin and short cabin varieties comprising of 2 doors and 3 people seating accommodation. The well-decorated wide dashboard offers multiple features like fully automatic air-conditioner, CD player, AM / FM Radio. The foldable seating provides a sense of comfort and convenience for passengers.
It provides a good amount of safety features like advanced safety vehicle technology, dual airbags, anti-lock braking system, electronic stability program, and active mitigation brake.
It also provides excellent fuel efficiency with environment friendliness. It offers a harmonious combination of turbocharged diesel and ad blue for low carbon emission. It offers 12.8 L of diesel engine fuel with both manual and automatic speed transmission.
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