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Used Mitsubishi Pajero io for sale

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Pajero IO is an adventurous, fun loving, and user-friendly SUV designed by the leading Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Corporation on 15th June 1998.
This fabulous and trendy small-sized 4x4 vehicle is a perfect choice for all kinds of all-terrain dynamic adventures. It is a family-friendly SUV designed to present a unique image and reputation in order to stand above its competitors like RAV4, Vitara, CRV, Forrester and Freelander.
The Term IO symbolizes the personal touch of closeness and interaction with customers. It is also known by other famous brand names like Montero, Shogun, and Pinin.
It is a right-hand drive mini sports utility vehicle built with the robust exterior and classy comfy interior. It has stylish horizontal bar front grille, side mirrors, and headlights. The interior design is also quite attractive with five people less cabin seating space ideal for a small family.
It has two bestselling popular versions available in the market. The three-door SUV provides a 1.6 liters gasoline engine and a manual transmission. The five-door SUV provides 1.8 liters petrol with an automatic speed transmission.
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