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Used Mitsubishi Dion for sale

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Mitsubishi Dion was a 5-door compact smart utility MPV Wagon designed for the luxurious and fun leisure drive for customers. It was initially introduced on the 25th January 2000 and built on a stretched lancer platform consisted of seven comfortable seats. The exterior was designed with bigger rectangular shaped front crystal LED Front headlights, front metallic black bar grille, lower grille, and a front bumper. The front bonnet, indicator lights, window visors, power mirror, and alloy wheel rims added a tremendously noticeable look for customers. The rear side also displayed a nice catchy glance combining with colorfully illuminated taillights, rear fog lights, rear bumper, and a dark black tinted rear windscreen with an attached wiper.
The inside design provided a spacious and comfortable 2-row 5 people seating easy accommodation with adjustable reclining seats for an open and wide legroom space for passengers. The rear side trunk also offered huge luggage storage capacity with a swing open backdoor for easily carrying all kinds of cargo stuff. The front dashboard was equipped with all kinds of features like power steering, air-conditioner, central locking, power windows, dual airbags, and an anti-lock braking system.
It was a family –friendly right-hand wagon offered with good choices of 1.8 L, and 2.0 L gasoline direct injection inline four-cylinder petrol fuel engine with intelligent and innovative vehicle electronic control system 4-speed semi-automatic transmission.
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