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Mazda MPV is a mini multi-purpose van designed for a family-friendly pleasurable and comfortable driving journey experience. This trendy and sporty urban city right-hand 5-door MPV provides a fun-loving and exciting ride for the whole family. It was first introduced in 1988 mainly targeted for the US market based on the Mazda LV Platform and built with a variety of body style variations such as 3-door van and a 4-door van specification. It had been built on a front engine, rear-wheel drive with an optional four-wheel drive layout design structure. The Mazda MPV was presented in Japan in January 1990 as a luxury vehicle drive consisted of power train varieties of 2.6 L G6, 2.5 L G5, and 3.0 L-JE V6 gasoline fuel engine. It was powered by 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission.
The 2nd generation model was launched in June 1999 as a replacement of a short-wheelbase front-wheel drive LW Platform. It also consisted of dual sliding rear doors with roll down power windows. The inside design was highly spacious with a folding down third-row seating. It was specifically added to 2.5 liters of V6 Ford engine powered by 5-speed automatic gear transmission.
The 3rd generation MPV model has been produced in February 2006 also popularly known as Mazda 8. This super stylish MPV has been powerfully added with choices of 4-cylinder MZR DISI 2.3 liters of gasoline engine and turbocharged petrol fuel engine with 4-speed, 5-speed, and 6-speed transmission.
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