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Used Land Rover Discovery for sale

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Land Rover Discovery is a robust and rugged mid-size sports utility vehicle designed for a challenging and daring yet exciting driving journey experience. It was initially introduced in October 1989 in United Kingdom built with a 3-door version containing a longitudinal front-engine, all-wheel drive layout design structure with a four cylinder petrol engine. 
The first generation was known as Land Rover Discover Series 1 which is also called Honda Crossroad in Japan. It consisted of a multiple body style variation of 3-door wagon, 3-door van, and a 5-door wagon. It had a power train engine capacity of 2.0 L T-Series I4, 2.5 L 200 Tdi I4-T, 2.5 L 300 Tdi I4-T, 3.5 L Rover V8, 3.9 L Rover V8, and 4.0 L Rover V8 in both diesel and gasoline powered fuel engine with 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual gear transmission. It was also provided with some special editions included as country life, Orienteer, Freestyle, country ride, Rassignol, Camel Trophy, sun seeker, Good Wood, Safari, and Esquire.
The latest generation model Discovery 5 has recently been launched on 28th September 2016 at Paris Motor Show for the spring 2017. It has been built on a shared platform of Range Rover and Range Rover Sport with a modern and innovative design appearance consisting of 5 to 7 people inside spacious seating accommodation. It has an engine performance of 3.0 liters of petrol and diesel with 8-speed automatic transmission.
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