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Jeep has always been a symbol of off-road pleasure drive. It is an oldest trendsetter 4x4 Sport Utility Vehicle brand introduced for leisure adventure. It is ideally built with robust and rugged open design structure containing powerful and durable engine capacity. It was initially designed for military operations.

The Company was founded by Fiat Chrysler in the year 1941.It offers a wide range of SUV and off-road vehicles for customers. It also used to manufacture pickup trucks in his early times.

The term Jeep has been derived from the general purpose which was used to be a high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle. It was first designed for army and military official personnel. Later on, it became popular for ordinary civilians. It has been a much demanding vehicle in all time and era till now its value and demand never ceased down.

Jeep brand has always been advertised for its durable strength and tremendous off-road capabilities. It is one of the few four-wheel-drive vehicles with solid front and rear axles. It is built with strong and reliable suspension wheels for maintaining better ground traction making it perfect SUV for all terrain rough driving experience.

Car Junction offers Used Jeep for Sale at reasonable prices. We have a discounted stock of Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. We are the leading exporters of Japanese cars to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda and Mozambique.