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It has been introduced on the 27th of October 2000.The first generation had a short span of six years ended in 2006.It provided a five doors and seven people seating  sporty design structure ideal for a younger target audience. It was initially offered with choices of 1.7 L VTEC and a 2.0 L IVTEC powerful fuel engine with a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic gear transmission.

The 2nd Generation was introduced with an international exposure as an enhanced and redesigned version with more classy looks and improved interior design space for customers. It was increasingly demanded the Japanese, Singaporean, and the Malaysian market. It was offered with an eye-catching external appearance consisting of a sleek front body containing a narrow shaped front LED headlights, front grille, power mirrors, front bumper, and alloy wheels. The posterior side also offered a nice look with rear antenna, colorful taillights, and a stylish brake light.

It provided comfortable inside seating capacity for seven people with easy legroom space. The cabin was designed in a highly decorative style consisted of luxury cushioned seats and well-equipped front dashboard. The dashboard offered various safety and entertaining features like navigation TV, air-conditioner, bombastic sound system, power steering, central locking, and power windows.

The safety features included dual airbags and anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The term Stream has an English meaning of Rush and Flow. This describes it as a rushing MPV Wagon with speedy moves and an actionable style.