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Used Honda Civic Ferio for sale

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Honda Civic Ferio was an extra sporty elegant sedan car introduced in 1995. It was presented to provide the touch of class and a luxurious lifestyle. It held a decade time span to deliver the finest appealing and urban stylish cars to the customers. It was also known as the sixth generation of civic sedan by giving it a unique and distinctive touch.
It displayed a sleek and charming exterior body design consisted of huge sized oval shaped front LED headlights, front stylish mesh grille, fog lights, power side mirrors, wide front bonnet, 15-inch alloy wheel rims, indicator lights, and a front bumper. The rear side provided a good combination of high beam colored taillights, rear parking lights, and a rear bumper.
This youthful and trendy 4-door right-hand sedan car offered a well-furnished and spacious comfortable five passenger inside seating capacity. It provided adjustable front seats for easy legroom space. The attached seat belts were essential measures for safety. 
The large cushioned seats provided a sense of comfort and ease for passengers to enjoy a peaceful and pleasurable driving journey. The nicely carpeted floor mats were also furnished to create a good feel with a chilled front and rear air-condition. The fancy wooden decorated dashboard was highly equipped with multiple entertaining and safety features such as FM Radio, power steering, navigation system, central locking, and power windows. The safety measures included dual airbags and anti-lock braking system (ABS).
It was an eco-friendly and fuel efficient car provided with 1.7 L of a three stage VTEC powered gasoline fuel engine along with a choice of 5-speed manual and a next generation advanced Honda Multi-Matic speed gear automatic transmission.
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