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Used Hino Ranger for sale

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1999 Hino / Ranger FD1JLD
Year: 1999
Engine: 8.0 Diesel
Mileage: 257428
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Crane Truck

US$ 35,000
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Stock No. 87487
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  
1997 Hino / Ranger GK1JLBA
Year: 1997
Engine: 8.0 Diesel
Mileage: 233332
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Car Carrier Trucks
Capacity: 11.3 Ton

US$ 37,000
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Stock No. 86108
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  
2005 Hino / Ranger FC7JJWA
Year: 2005
Engine: 6.4 Diesel
Mileage: 676186
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Wing Body Trucks
Capacity: 3.4 Ton
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Stock No. 84471
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  Dual AirBags  
2008 Hino / Ranger FE7JGW
Year: 2008
Engine: 6.4 Diesel
Mileage: 393628
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Arm Roll

Stock No. 84038
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  Dual AirBags  
2004 Hino / Ranger FG8JMF
Year: 2004
Engine: 7.7 Diesel
Mileage: 908349
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Wing Body Trucks
Capacity: 6.5 Ton

Wing Body Truck, Engine Type : JO8E
US$ 19,500 18,950
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Stock No. 79219
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  
2003 Hino / Ranger FD1JLE
Year: 2003
Engine: 8.0 Diesel
Mileage: 540530
Transmission: Manual
Body Type: Flatbed Trucks
Capacity: 3.6 Ton

US$ 17,800 16,950
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Stock No. 76331
Vehicle Extras: Air Conditioning  Power Steering  Power Window  Stereo  AirBag  


Hino Ranger is a solidly built and robust design medium to heavy-duty cab-over truck series have been manufactured and sold worldwide by the leading Japanese automobile company Hino Motors since 1969. It’s been 5 consecutive decades to produce reliable standard cabin cargo trucks for customers. This muscular and sturdy heavy-weight truck has been classified into four generations.
Hino Ranger is a part of highly demanded F-Series Truck containing different model code like FC, FD, FE, FF, FG, FL, and FM. 
The first generation model was introduced in Japan in 1969. It was popularly known as KL. The KL-series were offered in short wheelbase, medium wheelbase, as well as long wheelbase. The models names were KL 300, KL 340, KL 350, KL 360 and KL 380.
Further models were also offered like KB, KR, and KQ. It was provided with a suitable choice of 4.5 liters and 5.0 liters turbocharged diesel fuel engine. The production was ended in the year 1980.
The second generation was started off in 1980 and continued till 1989. It had a total span of 9 years. This generation was really inspired from European trucks with a round and rectangular shaped front headlights. It provided more aerodynamic truck as compared to its previous version.
The third generation was launched in 1989 and ended in 2002. It was also known by some other names like cruising ranger, rising ranger, and space ranger. It had a versatile classification of light truck, light medium truck, medium heavy truck, medium truck 4WD, and tractor head.
The fourth generation is a modern generation better known as Hino 500 Series and Ranger Pro. It is easily available in various cabin sizes such as standard, standard roof, short cab, and full cab. It also comes in double cab.
The latest model offers a right-hand fuel efficient 2-door truck provides 5.1 liters of diesel engine with manual gear speed transmission. It also offers some essential features like power steering, anti-lock braking system, air-conditioner, power window, and dual airbags.
Car Junction offers Used Hino Ranger for Sale at better discount prices. We also deal in brand new vehicle exports for Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean regions.