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Hino Blue Ribbon is a kind of heavy-duty right-hand 2- door single-decker bus series designed and introduced in 1982 with a primary range of city urban passenger bus and a tourist recreational coach. It is made of a sturdy and masculine solid exterior design two-tone body color structure comprises of rectangular shaped front discharge headlights, front fog lights, and indicator lights. The front bumper, side-view door mirrors, and the large transparent front windscreen with dual attached wipers all add a significant value and appeal for customers. The posterior side provides an attractive display view with colorful taillights, rear fog lights, rear bumper, exhaust pipe, and a wider rear windscreen.
The interior design provides a widely spacious 52 seats passenger accommodation with an extremely furnished and a comfortable luxury seating structure. It provides an open and vast legroom capacity for passengers with an in between middle space for an ease of movement. The sliding open door provides a true comfort for getting in and out for passengers with a low entry and a step entrance floor door. The LED Style Interior Light, indoor speaker, hot water heater system, air-conditioner cut control, vehicle height adjusting device, combination meter, electric horn, and the multi-information display. The safety features include ELR 3-point Seatbelt, anti-lock braking system, hill start assistance device, and auto neutral brake hold. The grade trim models include Hino Blue Ribbon RC, RB, RE, K-RT, RU22, P-HT, HU22, HU23, U-HT, HU2M, KC-HU2P, K-RU60, K-RU63, P-RU60, P-RU63, Blue Ribbon HIMR, BLUE RIBBON II, and the Blue Ribbon City HIMR.
This urban class commercial passenger bus provides a true sense of fuel-efficiency and eco-friendly atmosphere with 16.7 liters of the diesel engine and a suitable choice of both 6-speed automated manual and automatic speed transmission.
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