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We are processing all orders and shipping vehicles regularly from Japan.
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Auto Parts Zambia

Auto Spare Parts in Lusaka - Half Cuts and Nose Cuts

Japanese Used Auto Parts Readily Available in Lusaka, Zambia

Genuine Spare Parts imported from Japan

Car Junction Co. Ltd is the leading supplier of all kind of Japanese used spare parts readily available in Lusaka, Zambia. We import parts from accident free and low mileage cars directly from japan to ensure the quality of the parts. A wide range of nose cuts and half cuts are readily available in our stock and can be arranged on special orders. All of the vehicles are purchased from Japanese car auction and cut according to the customer requirements and shipped in 20 to 40 feet containers.

Visit our office and place an order for genuine parts for passenger and commercial vehicles from the top manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan etc.

+260 960 611 911

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Mon.-Sat.: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Visit Our Local Office:
2, Omelo Mumba Road, Rhodes Park Lusaka 37489, Zambia


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All Spare Parts are Readily Available for following Vehicles in Lusaka.

Honda Civic for Dismantling Honda Civic
Chassis No. EU3
Mileage: 54000 KM
Engine: 1.7cc
Year: 2002
Honda Civic ready for parts
Mazda Demio for Dismantling Mazda Demio
Chassis No. DY3W
Mileage: 71690 KM
Engine: 1.3cc
Year: 2004
Mazda Demio ready for parts
Nissan / Serena for Dismantling Nissan / Serena
Chassis No. PC24
Mileage: 50297 KM
Engine: 2.0cc
Year: 2000
Nissan / Serena ready for parts
Nissan / Serena for Dismantling Nissan / Serena
Chassis No. PC24
Mileage: 33817 KM
Engine: 2.0cc
Year: 2000
Nissan / Serena ready for parts
Nissan / Tiida for Dismantling Nissan / Tiida
Chassis No. C11
Engine: 1.5cc
Year: 2005
Nissan / Tiida ready for parts
Toyota / Vitz for Dismantling Toyota / Vitz - Yaris
Chassis No. SCP10
Mileage: 99633
Engine: 1.0cc
Year: 2001
Toyota / Vitz ready for parts
Volkswagen / Golf for Dismantling Volkswagen / Golf
Chassis No. IJAPK
Mileage: 63877
Engine: 2.0cc
Year: 2001
Volkswagen / Golf ready for parts
Toyota / Passo for Dismantling Toyota / Passo
Chassis No. KGC10
Mileage: 89282
Engine: 1.0cc
Year: 2007
Toyota / Passo ready for parts
Toyota / Duet for Dismantling Toyota / Duet
Chassis No. M100
Mileage: 66584
Engine: 1.0cc
Year: 2004
Toyota / Duet ready for parts
Toyota / Funcargo for Dismantling Toyota / Funcargo
Chassis No. NCP20
Mileage: 57022
Engine: 1.3cc
Year: 2002
Toyota / Funcargo ready for parts
Toyota / Voxy for Dismantling Toyota / Voxy
Chassis No. AZR60
Engine: 2.0cc
Year: 2002
Toyota / Voxy ready for parts

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