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how to keep the automatic transmission alive

How often to change transmission fluid • How to use the overdrive • How not to damage the transmission

Note: - the information contained in this guide is for educational purposes only and cannot substitute for the advice of professional mechanic or authorized dealer. Different cars have different requirements; for information specific to your car consult your owner`s manual or call your local dealer.

The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated and thus one of the less reliable parts of the vehicle. The repair of an automatic transmission is complex and tends to be quite expensive. More than that, automatic transmission problem can make your car unsafe - some transmission defects may cause, for example, that the car can roll with the shifter in Park or drive forward with shifter in Neutral. On the other hand, if taking a good care of, your transmission can last you really long with no significant problems.

In this article you may find some simple tips how to prevent your automatic transmission from damage and keep it in a good shape. It doesn`t require too much of your efforts - just periodical checking and regular maintenance.

car junctionTip: Have you looked in your vehicle owner`s manual? Try, it`s a best source of information on your vehicle maintenance. You will be amazed how many useful info you may find in this book! Having more questions? Don`t know what type of fluid to use? - just call local dealer service department and ask them, they have all the information and they will be pleased to help you.