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Japanese Handicapped Vehicles for sale

handicapped vehicles from Japan

Japanese Handicapped vehicles are specially designed and modified vehicle for physically disables with special modifications according to the user requirement. The modifications can be in terms of the accessibility into the vehicle or in terms of driving the vehicle

These types of vehicles are generally classified into to four categories according the access it provides to the relevant passenger or driver

Front Access: This modification allows the front seat entry for a disabled person which is to be more precise is next to driver’s seat

Rear Access: This allows the handicapped passenger to occupy the rear section of the vehicle as it allows the access from the rear of the vehicle through ramp or a lift.

Side Access: This allows the passenger to enter the vehicle from the side of the vehicle through ramp or lift platform.

Driver Side Access: This modification allows the special person to drive the car by himself/herself, as the modifications are made by replacing the traditional foot control with the switch controls or joystick

All the major makes have introduced this special need car, famous manufacturers includes Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi etc.

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Here is Some Examples of Japanese Handicapped Vehicles Available for Disabled People:

Alphard Electric Side Lift Seat    Detachable Wheelchair Seat

Disability Rear Wheelchair Acces Ramp    Toyota Vitz Mobility Vehicle

Disability Wheelchair loader   Disability Front Lift Seat