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2021 Toyota Majesty for Sale - Booking Open

Brand New  Toyota Majesty for sale - Booking Open

11 Seater Van

Can you tell me about the new Toyota Majesty?

You can call the Toyota Majesty a luxurious version of the Commuter passenger van. It is an 11 seater van that features more upmarket design cues on both the front and rear ends of the exterior. The interior has been substantially overhauled. Not only that, there are many features inside including seven USB sockets, T-Connect telematics, nine airbags, etc.
Which colors are available in the 2021 Toyota Majesty?

It is available in 2 colors i.e. Black Mica and White Pearl

How can I book the new 2021 Toyota Majesty?

If you wish to book the new 2021 model Toyota Majesty then you can contact us using the details below

Email: [email protected]
Phone +8180 1009 6000 (Whatsapp)
Skype : mali.cjc 


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Toyota Majesty (Available Colors)


Toyota Majesty Dashboard


Toyota Majesty Inner View


Toyota Majesty Rear View