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Wagons are the specifically built vehicles having an extended roof. They are also known as station wagons. This term has been acquired from the depot hack which was the initial wooden design of the wagon in the year 1923. The Ford Company was the first manufacturer of its own station wagon in 1937.

Normally, the wagons have spacious interior capacity with folded seating space for maximum passenger accommodation. It has a rear door for easy cargo carrying capacity. These kinds of vehicles are pretty much ideal for a large family and can be utilized for multiple fun and leisure activities.

Modern Wagons have been much evolved with decades and have now come up with modern compact appealing luxury exterior designs. They are equipped with high powered engine and fuel capacity with excessive roomy space and abundant storage to enjoy a pleasurable and fun filled journey experience.

Car Junction offers Used Wagons for Sale at highly affordable prices. It is a renowned dealer and exporter of all kinds of brand new and second hand vehicles to African, Asian and Caribbean countries. The most selling wagons available in running stock are Toyota Corolla Fielder, Subaru Impreza, Honda Accord, Mazda MPV and Nissan Elgrand.